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Hypnotherapy is an effective and hugely beneficial way to help with exams, reducing exam anxiety and pre test nerves.  This is ideal for those taking tests in preparation for grammar school or those taking common entrance exams in Southend, Essex.  It makes sense to curb those nerves before the eleven plus test exam dates as you have put so much time and effort into your practice papers you will want to insure you get the result you deserve, not one marred by the build up of stress, anxiety and nerves.

Hypnosis is also hugely beneficial if you are due to make an important presentation in work or have an interview for a new job or college place.  Boost your chances in life by increasing your confidence with hypnotherapy, don’t let the stress, nerves and anxiety obscure your chance to shine.  

Hypnotherapy helps with all types of exams including:

  1. 11 Plus Exams

  2. Common Entrance Exams

  3. Presentations

  4. School Tests

  5. SATS

  6. Oral Exams

  7. Motorcycle Test

  8. Driving Test

  9. University Exams

  10. Practicals

  11. Interviews

  12. Stage Performance

Help yourself, your child or teenager achieve their potential without  allowing their stress and anxiety affect their performance

Hypnotherapy can be used to ease your pre test nerves in the build up to exams, allowing you to get the true result that you deserve. 

Mental preparation can be just as import as academic preparation especially if you are the type of person that goes into meltdown and the nerves take over.  Quite often we only get one chance to show our true capabilities which don’t shine through on the day simply because we haven’t prepared mentally and the butterflies take over. 

Some people thrive when under pressure where as some just buckle under due to the stress and strain that builds up as that important exam or test date approaches. 

Here at Positively Hypnotherapy Leigh on Sea we use a combination of the Thrive programme and Suggestion therapy to help combat those nerves, allowing you to achieve your potential without allowing your stress and anxiety affect your performance. 

Nerves can set in before an exam or test due to anticipatory anxiety, usually there is a lot riding on the results and the imagined scenarios of what will happen if I pass or fail can often be worse than sitting the test or exam itself. 

Worrying about the exam content, the time pressure and the fear of staring blankly at the page can can cause undue stress and in turn you will not show your true capabilities in your subject.

This leads to frustration making you feel like the whole thing could be a wast of time, rather than enjoying the chance to show case your knowledge and capabilities. 

Symptoms suffered can vary from person to person but mostly include;

  1. Anxiety in the run up to the test or exam

  2. Butterflies in you tummy

  3. Feeling or being sick

  4. Dry mouth

  5. Trembling hands whilst writing

  6. your mind going blank when recalling answers

  7. Fear of speaking in front of examiners in an oral exam

If you suffer any or all of these things they can bring you untold pressure and quite often its down to lack of confidence and belief in your self when under pressure.

Hypnotherapy can help you and anybody suffering with the stress and pressure that builds up before a test or exam. 

Fully pepare for your exam or test today by contacting me on 07908 765745 for a chat to discuss how hypnotherapy will help you or your child.

If your enquiry is for a child please note that they must at all times be accompanied by a parent or guardian,  these sessions are also hugely beneficial to the parent or guardian as they help the you overcome your worries you have for your child.

Hypnotherapy for  the 11 plus exam and pre test nerves in Leigh on Sea, near Southend in Essex