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Anxiety stress & panic attacks

It is perfectly normal and rationale for all of us to feel anxious and stressed at some stage in our life.  We may have worries about relationships, work, bills, children etc. However, when this anxiety does not seem to have a reason then it can become a cause for concern as it can start to take over your life. This symptom is often know as 'Generalised Anxiety Disorder' or 'GAD' for short.

Sufferers of anxiety can begin to feel anxious about almost any situation. No amount of trying to rationalise the problem will help, as the causes are emotional in nature, rather than intellectual. The situation can often seem hopeless as anxiety and stress often make it difficult for us to think clearly, and overcome problems.

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

  1. Irrational worry

  2. Panic attacks

  3. Nervous stomach or 'butterflies'

  4. Feelings of dread and being out of control

  5. feeling stressed

  6. Poor concentration, inability to think clearly

  7. Feelings of low self worth, depression

  8. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and upset stomach

  9. High blood pressure (Hypertension)

  10. Spontaneously crying or being upset

  11. Bedwetting (particularly in children)

  12. And much more...

Panic Attacks

Often, if the situation builds up sufferers of anxiety can go on to experience a full blown panic attack, where they feel completely out of control. It is not unusual for these to last up to 20 to 30 minutes.

Typical feelings of a full blown panic attack include:

  1. Feelings of being completely out of control

  2. Breathlessness, difficulty breathing

  3. Chest pain and tightness

  4. Feelings of intense panic

  5. Increase of heartbeat rate/pulse

  6. Hysterical symptoms of crying and shouting/screaming

  7. And much more…

Once a person as had one panic attack they are far more likely experience another one, as the worry about a further attacks again makes them feel more anxious. Anxiety sufferers get caught up in a vicious circle which makes the symptoms and feelings more and more acute.

How can psychotherapy & hypnotherapy help with anxiety stress & panic attacks?

The good news  for sufferers'  is that effective treatment for help with anxiety, panic attacks and stress is readily available at Positively Hypnotherapy Leigh on Sea near Southend Essex. Here clients can either undergo a gentle course of 'Pure' HypnoAnlaysis or complete either of cognitive therapy programmes available The Rob Kelly Thrive programme or Paul Douglass LifeShaping Process.

To find our which therapy may be a suitable treatment for your social anxiety, simply call Richard on freephone 0800 1777 557 or mobile 07908 765745, to book in for a completely FREE 30 minute confidential initial consultation. This initial consultation is really just an informal chat to find out more about your symptoms, and for you to meet the therapist and find out more about the therapy

Freephone 0800 1777 557

Mobile 07908 765745

Email   sarah@leighonseahypnosis.co.uk


Anxiety stress & panic attacks in Leigh on Sea near Southend Essex