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What is Emetophobia? & can therapy provide a relief?

There are many names for Emetophobia including Vomit Phobia, Phagaphobia, fear of being sick, fear of gagging, globushystericus and many more. Essentially emetophobia is where a person has a completly irrational fear of being sick, or someone else around them vomiting. However, the one thing that is certain with Emetophobia and different to other phobias is that it always has a significant negative impact on the sufferer's life.

This can range from having a limited social life as Emetophobes are often worried about eating in restaurants and drinking alcohol (or being surrounded by people who are), to refusing to fly as people may be sick on the plane, or the movement may make a person feel sick or nauseous.

Emetophobia affects more women than men. Quite often female sufferers of vomit phobia will put off having children due to concerns about coping with morning sickness and babies being ill. In cases where emetophobes do have children they often feel intense guilt if their child is unwell and their partner has to step in and assist due to their phobic reaction..

Some of the symptoms of emetophobia and vomit phobia include::

  1. Fear of being sick

  2. Fear of others being sick

  3. Watching other around them for any signs of illness

  4. Fear of illness

  5. Panic attacks

  6. Avoiding social situations in restaurants, pubs etc

  7. Avoiding flying or other long journeys

  8. Obsessions about cleanliness

  9. Avoiding drinking alcohol in case of sickness

  10. Avoiding becoming pregnant (due to fear of morning sickness)

  11. Fear of Germs and Bacteria

  12. And much more.

How can Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy help relieve Emetophobia & Vomit Phobia?

The good news  for sufferers'  is that effective treatment for the cure of emetophobia and vomit phobia is readily available at the Positively Hypnotherapy practice in Leigh on Sea near Southend in Essex . Here clients can undergo a gentle course of either The Thrive Programme or 'Pure' HypnoAnlaysis which allows the unresolved causes of emetopobia to be resolved easily and gently. Usually within 6 to 10 weekly sessions.

Here's what a recent female client (aged 33) wrote about the therapy, after completing a course of Hypnoanalysis to resolve her emetophobia...

"I have suffered with emetophobia for as long as i can remember. I had tried every sort of therapy available, but it never made me feel any better for longer than a day! In desperation one day i thought i'd google "emetophobia cures Essex" and it came up with your website www.leighonseahypnosis.co.uk . I read it all for about 30 minutes and decided i couldn't carry on like this anymore, so i called the number. I started my therapy straight away. I had 8 sessions in total, and am now well on my way to living a normal-not scared of being sick- life! It was the best and HARDEST thing i have ever done, a few times i really didn't want to carry on with it, but i am so pleased that i did, i feel brilliant. So if you suffer from emetophobia, do it, its hard, but it really will change your life for the better.."


Understanding Emetophobia and Vomit Phobia

At the Leigh on Sea Hypnosis practice near Southend in Essex we have helped many people completely overcome their irrational fear of being sick. Most Emetophobic clients are surprised to find that this condition is more common than they thought. We understand that most emetophobes will only have confided about the severity of their condition to the people closest to them, usually their partner and/or the parent they are closest too.

In addition, we know that the causes of emetophobia are always at an unconcious, or if you prefer emotional level. So you can rest assured that your case will be met with understanding, consideration and from a non judgemental viewpoint.

How to get help?

So for your next step to cure your phobia all you need to do is contact us at Leigh on Sea near Southend in Essex to arrange an appointment.  If we are with clients, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we are available.

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Emetophobia - Fear of being Sick - Vomit Phobia in Leigh on Sea near Southend in Essex