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The LifeShaping® Process in Leigh on Sea near Southend in Essex

What is The Paul Douglass LifeShaping process?

The Paul Douglass LifeShaping® process is works by helping you to take back control of your life. The process helps you to make the changes in your life,

Paul Douglass LifeShaping® works by showing you how to see that actually, if you boil a problem down into its component parts, those individual parts can be quite straightforward to change when you know how.

Paul Douglass LifeShaping® is a complete training course that teaches you how to break what might seem like a difficult task into much smaller, far more manageable chunks, and then shows you some really simple, but incredibly powerful techniques that you can use to change them.

Once we can identify the real cause of the problem, you can use some simple techniques to change them, and because you understand the real causes, it's far easier to change them.

Paul Douglass LifeShaping®:

  1. Helps you to reduce the problem that, at the moment, seems 'overwhelming', down in to something far more manageable

  2. Shows you how to see what the real problem is

  3. Helps you to avoid wasting time and effort (when you don't truly understand what the problem actually is, it's easy to waste a lot of effort on trying 'hit-and-miss' ways of changing it

  4. Shows you how you can target all your efforts to changing the things that really matter, and not waste time on the things that don't

  5. Gives you the tools you need to track your progress as you feel better

  6. Shows you how a little bit of effort can make a huge difference, IF the effort is in the right place

  7. Helps you to understand how and why you had the problem, and what you need to do to make sure it goes

The Paul Douglass LifeShaping® Process is flexible process so whether you are completely new to LifeShaping® or you have started the process and want a little bit of extra help he will be pleased to hear from you. 

This new and exciting process can help you overcome your symptoms in just a short space in time and we can guide you through at your pace either by telephone, via Skype or in person at our practice in Leigh on Sea near Southend in Essex

We look forward to chatting to you soon!