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Get Help with your phobia. Has the time come for you to cure your phobia?

Get help to cure your phobia or irrational fear permanently using hypnotherapy and with Positively Hypnotherapy Leigh on Sea, near Southend in Essex. 

What is a Phobia or Irrational Fear?

A phobia is a symbolic representation of an internal anxiety which is projected onto an external object or situation. They are caused by experiences from our early years which were too shocking for our immature minds to cope. As a result our sub-conscious mind conceals the memory of the event and the emotion generated by the event from our conscious mind. To an adult these shocking events may appear to be comparatively trivial as they will have experienced many more thousands of situations as they grew up.

Later on in life when an experience reminds our subconscious of the earlier concealed event we begin to feel anxious. As our conscious mind has no recollection as to why we should feel anxious, it projects the anxiety onto an external object or situation. The benefit to our intellect being the ability to gain some control over the anxiety by avoiding the situation or object onto which the anxiety has been projected.

The list of possible phobias runs into hundreds if not thousands. However, they all have one thing in common in that they are all symbolic of an internal fear of being ‘out of control’ of a particular situation.

A good example is the fear of flying. Very few people who have a fear of flying have actually been in or witnessed a plane crash. They are also usually intellectually aware that flying is one of the safest forms of transport, however, their irrational fear still very much persists. The reason for this is that flying is really just a symbolic representation of the internal anxiety that they feel, but have no control over.

How can hypnotherapy and hypnotism help?

The good news is that the underlying causes of an irrational fear or phobia can usually be easily removed by undergoing a simple course of Hypnoanalysis.  A course of Hypnoanalysis usually runs for about 6-8 hourly sessions at weekly intervals. Rather than just suppressing the fear of an object or situation, which most alternative therapies focus on, Hypnoanalysis focuses on removing the underlying causes of the phobia, thus ensuring a permanent release from the condition.

At Positively Hypnotherapy Leigh on Sea, near Southend in Essex, Hypnotherapy is used to overcome many phobias.

Some examples of these include:

Social Phobias (Scopophobia) - a fear of being judged. Sypmtoms include, blushing, stammering and stuttering, fear of public speaking (glossophobia), fear of being on the spot, fear of social situtations and meeting people and shy bladder (shy pee).

Aviatophobia - irrational fear of flying.

Emetophobias - otherwise known as vomit phobia. Symptoms include irrational fear of being sick or choking, or a fear of being around people who may be sick. Emetophobes are often also preoccupied with cleanliness and ensuring they do not come into any contact with germs, so they do not vomit.

Odontophobia - fear of the dentist.

Arachnophobia - fear of spiders.

Cynophobia - fear of dogs.

Hypnotherapy for Children with Phobias.

Hypnosis is particulalry effective for children with phobias, usually in just few sessions.

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How to get help?

So for your next step to cure your phobia all you need to do is contact me at Positively Hypnotherapy Leigh on Sea, near Southend in Essex to arrange an appointment.  If I am with clients, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I am available.

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