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Contacting me is easy and I offer a completely FREE initial consultation.  So if you would like to meet and discuss how hypnotherapy may help you to resolve your problem I’ll be happy to hear from you. 

Once you have explained how things really are for you and we have discussed the the therapy options available to you, you can then make an informed choice on what you want to do. 

To arrange a consultation or to book an appointment contact me directly on:

Freephone 0800 1777 557

Telephone 07908 765745

Email sarah@leighonseahypnosis.co.uk

If I am with clients, you can leave a confidential message on my answer phone and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.


Client testimonials - Positively Hypnotherapy Leigh on Sea

Social Anxiety & Anger Management

At first I was really concerned about spending the money to do the Thrive programme with richard but the results are priceless, my wife says that was the best money we’ve ever spent, our relationship is back on track, I’ m no longer angry all the time and I can handle social situations with new found confidence. 

WK Westcliff on Sea, Essex

Social Anxiety & Anger Management

At first I was really concerned about spending the money to do the Thrive programme with Sarah but the results are priceless, my wife says that was the best money we’ve ever spent, our relationship is back on track, I’ m no longer angry all the time and I can handle social situations with new found confidence. 

WK Westcliff on Sea, Essex

Social Anxiety & Low Self Esteem

I contacted Leigh on Sea Hypnosis after a very difficult year, I found that my confidence levels were at an all time low.  I was finding social situations harder & harder to face & they would often result in panic attacks and tears.  With help I soon came to realise that I had the power within me to change this.  It was difficult at times but didn’t take long to turn myself around, stop being so negative & worrying about everything all the time!  I now feel a lot more confident & much more positive about my future.  Thank you for your continued understanding & support.

Katie Leigh on Sea

Quit Smoking

Hi Sarah , you helped me give up smoking 2 weeks ago. I must admit I had doubts on whether hypnotherapy would be successful or not. But 2 weeks on and I am still not smoking and I do not have the urge to.ThanksRead, Maidstone

Quit Smoking

I would just like to thank you for your excellent service which you provided me. I have been a smoker for over 20 years and I cannot believe that, with your help, this has been possible. I have been a non-smoker for two weeks now. My family and friends cannot believe it and are ecstatic. I would like to thank you again for your fantastic service and I would highly recommend you to anyone.
Robert Orphanides,
Essex Distributions

Thrive for Depression, Anxiety & Panic Attacks Disorder

Had tried everything to control life-long anxiety and nothing worked, until now! I have always suffered from panic attacks and thought there was no way out. I was getting to the point of wanting to give up altogether. Tried CBT, didn't work, tried antidepressants, no joy, tried many other self help books with no success. Tried self hypnosis cd's. All these did not help and my anxiety was getting worse. Was getting panic attacks at the thought of any social situations. Then I saw one of Rob Kelly's therapists, who gave me this book to work through with him, and in 6 sessions I was cured! No Really - I am completely cured!!! I learnt how to stop myself feeling helpless and useless and not feel self worth, to being confident and capable to do anything I want to do. I can now enjoy doing things I never thought I could. I have changed my life because of this book - IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Fear of Flying

Hi Sarah, just thought i'd let u know that i've just landed at Luton.Did ok on flights, wouldn't say it's my fav mode of transport but would do it again.....thnx very much..Alison......x


I was so down when i started the therapy but Sarah put me completely at ease. Only a few weeks later i feel a different person! Definitely worth a try.

Will from Essex

Depression & Panic Disorder, Anxiety Attacks

I had suffered from anxiety for all my life. I didn't understand why, but I always got nervous ever since I was a child. The nerves would make me sick, have a bad stomache, have headaches and muscle aches, have terrifying panic attacks and suffer with sleeping. I associated my anxiety to food and didn't eat any sugar or dairy products for over a decade. I had absolutely no self confidence, and didn't believe that I deserve the things that other people have. As you can imagine, my life had become very bleak and I day to day life was an impossible struggle. I was ready to give up as it was all to much hard work and I couldn't live like this any more.


I have tried many interventions to ease the anxiety, but nothing helped. I had a long course of CBT which had no effect, have been on anti-depressants twice but this did not help control the nerves. I have bought many self-help books and self-hypnosis CD's, which I have dilligently worked through but these also have not helped.


At the end of my tether, I summond up the courage and called hoping could wave a magic wand and take it all away. Though I really didn't believe anything could ever change.


Amazingly, after six sessions with, working through the 'Changing Limiting Beliefs' workbook, I am CURED! Or should I say, I have cured myself!!! taught me how to control my thinking, how to appreciate and acknowledge my achievements. I now know I can do anything that I want to do AND ENJOY IT. This has been put to the test over and over, and I have put myself in situations that I didn't think I was able to cope with before. At first it took focussed hard work to change my thinking, but I controlled each situation with less and less effort. A week after I finished the course I was halfway through a social situation and I realised I had forgotten to panic!  


I now know and enjoy my personality type. Every day, I am feeding my confidence and I know I have never felt happier. I really did not think this was ever possible, and I have done it in 6 sessions.


Thanks for showing me how!


If you can identify with anything I have experienced, the best thing you can do to change your life is to give a call. You can do it too!


Emetophobia - Fear of being Sick - Vomit Phobia

Firstly I would like to give you a  huge thank you, for giving the Taylor family our lives back again.

I would like to say a little about our experience as a family and as a parent of 13 year old Daughter that has suffered for many years with anxiety  and Emetophobia, and I hope this helps others that are suffering too. With  treatment their lives too can become normal and wonderful again, one which I never thought would be possible as things had got so bad.

We were so desperate for help and tried every avenue, when we came across your details on the web. Our lives as a family had almost come to a holt, with never being able to arrange days out, holidays, or even having friends round as my daughters anxiety and Emetophobia was so bad she would end up making herself sick from the worry and fear of becoming  Ill. She had slept for months on a sofa with endless screaming throughout the night in fear of being sick  and was unable to even get into bed. Life for her was awful which put tremendous  strains on the family,  it was so upsetting, frustrating and exhausting to see and hear her  suffering every day.

From having only 6 family sessions with you,  completely changed my daughters  way of thinking and reasoning. She is now able to answer her own fears with a logical answers and take control of her life again , which was  unheard of. She hardly mentions the word “sick” (which I can’t say I  miss), as her obsession with sickness used to make her talk about it non-stop, literally NON STOP! These sessions with you were fun and we learnt a lot about our daughters thought process which has helped us have a better understanding of her “ illness”  which was priceless. It has completely changed our lives and we are all so grateful for this. To be honest I never thought we would be saying this.

Many thanks,

E, N & S

Social Phobia Anxiety & Panic Attacks

I had suffered with Anxiety / Panic attacks/ Social situations for a very long time, as such IT was starting to control my life in a bad way.... I was introduced to one of Rob Kelly's therapists, who gave me this book to read and work through it with him, and in 5-6 sessions I was fixed!!! I really enjoyed my sessions, I used to come out of there, the HAPPIEST I have ever been, so much so that my partner said I am now a completely different person. I think this book just really shows, that if you want to change anything in your life, the the ONLY person to do it, is YOU. Such an EASY concept but until you really grasp that concept, you will never understand that you don't need any external sources anymore, and the only person you need rely on to fix You, is YOU! Such an amazing book, I just wish i'd read it sooner! I am now buying my first official copy for a family member! Thanks!!

I hired the services of Leigh on sea hypnosis back in November 2009  at the end of the worst and best year of my life.

I had come off an extremely hard year having lost my job and my confidence along with a ridiculous amount of money. I couldn’t get back on my feet no matter what tried. I was failing ridiculously to establish a relationship with the countless numbers of women I had been “serial” dating. I couldn’t get either my personal life or my professional life to work out. Thankfully after I hired the help of within a few sessions I had started to rapidly turn things around in my favour.

Since my initial consultations with I not only started seeing and successfully establishing a long term relationship with the girl of my dreams I have established a confident and aggressive CV which is now getting me multiples of interviews for the jobs I want ! I can’t thank enough and if the last three months are anything to go by 2010 is going to be amazing!!!

Thanks again!

Separation Anxiety & Children's Anxiety Nerves

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for your help with R.  He went on his trip to Belgium and had a great time.  He said that last session with you really helped him the next morning, getting on the coach etc.  

I think it was really good for him to go away and cope on his own for 8 days.  I honestly don't think he would have gone without your help and I know the trip is something that he will remember for many years to come.Thanks again J.

pregnancy & childbirth

The best decision I could have made.  Labour  was easy the midwives wanted to send me back home they didn’t think I was in labour I was so relaxed, our baby arrived within four hours of my arrival there! I only wish we have known about this for our first child.  Thanks Rich x