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Welcome to Leigh on Sea Hypnosis

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state which we all pass through at least twice a day when we wake up and go to sleep. For the purposes of therapy Hypnosis is really all about relaxation. At all times you will remain conscious and aware, there is absolutely no question of you being under the ‘control’ of anyone or anything else.

What can Hypnotherapy & cognitive therapy treat?

Hypnotherapy & cognitive therapy provides effective treatment for any anxiety and stress  related conditions, ranging from phobias, including emetophia, social anxiety, shyness, depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) through to unwanted habits such as smoking and nail biting, child birth, fertility and weight loss. There are two main types of hypnotherapy offered at Leigh on Sea Hypnosis:

Firstly, we could use positive suggestion therapy to control a particular symptom.  This type of therapy is suitable for smoking cessation, nail biting, pre-test nerves etc. This type of therapy may take several sessions.

Secondly, we could use analytic therapy (Hypnoanalysis) to remove the root cause of a symptom, such as
phobias, social anxiety, shyness, depression, etc. This type of hypnotherapy would usually take place over eight to ten sessions. 

Both types of cognitive therapy I offer are hugely successful.  

The Rob Kelly Thrive Programme, this hugely successful Programme ‘Thrive’ is written by Rob Kelly, it’s an amazing technique that can really help you to change the way you think about yourself and allow you to view things in a much more positive way. 

The Paul Douglass LifeShaping® Process, learn how to overcome your symptoms in a short space in time with this new and exciting process.

During the programme you will learn how to completely change the way you think and feel about yourself and difficult situations, so that you can be much more positive, confident and happy and enjoy a far more successful and exciting life

Sarah is a member of the

International Association

of Pure Hypnoanalysts.


Welcome to Leigh on Sea Hypnosis, my name is Sarah and I am a full-time professional hypnotherapist, pure-hypnoanalyst, Hypnobirthing practitioner and cognitive therapist based in Leigh on Sea, near Southend in Essex.  I help many clients, young and old, male and female overcome their fears, phobias, stresses and anxieties in my busy dedicated practice.

If you are looking to overcome a problem that you have in life, or would like to change something about yourself then you have certainly come to the right place! Whatever it is that you are looking to change, hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy can help you, just as my testimonials show I have helped countless people before you.

Contacting me is easy and I offer a completely FREE initial consultation.  So if  you would like to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you to resolve your problem I will be happy to hear from you.

Freephone 0800 1777 557

Mobile 07908 765745

Email  sarah@leighonseahypnosis.co.uk

Sarah is proud to be a Paul Douglass LifeShaping® Practitioner, whether you are completely new to LifeShaping® or you have started the process and want a little bit of extra help she will be pleased to hear from you. 

This new and exciting process can help you overcome your symptoms in just a short space in time and we can guide you through at your pace either by telephone, via Skype or in person at our practice in Leigh on Sea near Southend in Essex

We look forward to chatting to you soon!



Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

in Leigh on Sea near Southend in Essex

To find out more contact Sarah on  07908 765745

Leigh on Sea Hypnosis Hypnotherapy & cognitive therapy - providing professional caring and confidential therapy services to the people of Leigh on Sea, Southend, Benfleet, Basildon, Billericay, Rayleigh, Maldon, Wickford, Grays, Chelmsford, Canvey Island and Brentwood

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  25. fear of the dentist Leigh on Sea

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  29. smoking cessation Leigh on Sea

  30. social fears Leigh on Sea

  31. depression Leigh on Sea

  1. low self confidence Leigh on Sea

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  3. fear of intimacy Leigh on Sea

  4. childhood trauma Leigh on Sea

  5. sexual and physical assault Leigh on Sea

  6. migraines Leigh on Sea

  7. binge drinking Leigh on Sea

  8. ME Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Leigh on Sea

  9. IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome Leigh on Sea

  10. OCD Leigh on Sea

  11. PVFS post viral fatigue syndrome Leigh on Sea

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  20. colitis Leigh on Sea

  21. bruxism Leigh on Sea

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  25. nightmares Leigh on Sea

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  10. obsessions Leigh on Sea

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  12. paranoia Leigh on Sea

  13. commitment phobia Leigh on Sea

  14. sleep problems Leigh on Sea

  15. fear of being sick Leigh on Sea

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  30. post natal depression PND Leigh on Sea

  31. panic disorder Leigh on Sea

Leigh on Sea Hypnosis Hypnotherapy & cognitive therapy - providing professional caring and confidential therapy services to the people of Leigh on Sea, Southend, Benfleet, Basildon, Billericay, Rayleigh, Maldon, Wickford, Grays, Chelmsford, Canvey Island and Brentwood