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Symptoms Effectively Treated Using Hypnotherapy, Pure Hypnoanalysis & cognitive therapy - in Leigh on Sea, near Southend in Essex

Hypnotherapists & cognitive therapist have been working with people to help them resolve their issues for hundreds of years. 

Pure Hypnoanalysis

As a Member of the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts, IAPH I use a unique form of hypnotherapy, called pure hypnoanalysis, which is an amazingly effective form of analytical hypnotherapy that can be used to treat a very wide variety of symptoms, conditions, and emotional issues. 

It works by resolving and removing the underlying causes of your problems whilst also building your self-esteem, self-belief and self-assurance, and leaving you with a sense of calm, relaxed confidence. 

Suggestion Hypnotherapy

I also use clinical hypnotherapy which is otherwise known as suggestion therapy, suggestion therapy is exactly as it sounds, you will be relaxed into a light, lovely relaxation, a calm and peaceful state where you will be  given some positively phrased suggestions and visualisations, these will to help you achieve your goal,  suggestion therapy is  ideal for treating exam nerves, driving test nerves or fear of flying if going on holiday relatively soon, nail biting, public speaking, weight loss and child birth.

Suggestion therapy may take several sessions lasting approximately one hour and and can leave you feeling positive calm and relaxed  ready to take on that situation that you have consulted for.  Suggestion therapy is hugely successful short term fix. 

The Rob Kelly Thrive Programme

In addition to this I also offer cognitive therapy.  The hugely successful Thrive Programme written by Rob Kelly, an amazing technique that can really help you to change the way you think about yourself and allow you to view things in a much more positive way.

During the programme you will learn how to completely change the way you think and feel about yourself and difficult situations, so that you can be much more positive, confident and happy and enjoy a far more successful and exciting life.

The LifeShaping® Process

The Paul Douglass LifeShaping® Process, whether you are completely new to LifeShaping® or you have started the process and want a little bit of extra help I will be pleased to hear from you. 

This new and exciting cognitive process can help you overcome your symptoms in just a short space in time and I can guide you through at your pace either by telephone, via Skype or in person at my practice in Leigh on Sea near Southend in Essex

Contact me

Take the next step now and contact me on 07908 765745 to find out how the therapies I offer can help you improve your life and remove the symptoms that are holding you back. 

Contacting me is easy and I offer a completely FREE initial consultation. 

So if you would like to meet and discuss how hypnotherapy may help you to resolve your problem I will be happy to hear from you. 

Once you have explained how things really are for you and we have discussed the the therapy options available to you, you can then make an informed choice on what you want to do. 


List of problems and symptoms resolved easily in Leigh on Sea in near Southend in Essex with hypnosis hypnotherapy & cognitive therapy

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy & cognitive therapy have effectively treated people with the following list of symptoms:

  1. skin disorders

  2. sexual problems

  3. anorexia / bulimia

  4. lack of confidence

  5. stuttering / stammering

  6. chronic fatigue

  7. chronic pain

  8. poor self image

  9. smoking cessation

  10. social fears

  11. premature ejaculation

  12. fear of intimacy

  13. childhood trauma

  14. sexual and physical assault

  15. migraines

  16. drinking

  17. ME

  18. IBS

  19. OCD

  20. fetishes

  21. PTSD

  22. blushing

  23. anger

  24. colitis

  25. bruxism

  26. panic

  27. guilt

  28. sweating

  29. nightmares

  30. slimming

  31. compulsions

  32. shyness

  33. bedwetting

  34. nail biting

  35. amnesia

  36. phobias

  37. depression

  38. inhibitions

  39. emetophobia

  40. vaginisimus

  41. addictions

  42. grief

  43. neuritis

  44. fears

  45. obsessions

  46. insomnia

  47. paranoia

  48. asthma

  49. children's problems

  50. tension

  51. allergies

  52. thumb sucking

  53. anxieties

  54. shy bladder

  55. hypertension

  56. exam nerves

  57. fear of being sick

  58. frigidity

  59. tinnitus

  60. fear of childbirth

  61. fertility issues

If you find that your particular set of symptoms, difficulties or condition is not contained within the list above, please do not assume that I can not help you. 

Hypnotherapy is so successful with such a range of issues that it would be impossible to cover them all in a simple list and I would encourage you to call me on 07908 765745 for a chat.

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